Building an Interfaith Coalition for Community, Understanding and Social Justice

Monadnock Interfaith Project is a non-profit coalition of congregations, organizations, and individuals working together to foster interfaith community, understanding, and systemic change that benefits the Monadnock region. Through Monadnock Interfaith Project (MIP), people in the Monadnock region come together to put faith into action.

Local faith leaders meet with Keene Mayor Hansel and Cheshire County Sheriff Rivera to discuss racial justice efforts in the region.

Affordable Housing Campaign:

MIP will prioritize the creation of more housing units and supportive services for people that earn under $18 an hour as a full time worker, which is about 50% of the area median income. There is a huge shortage of homes affordable for people in this income range.

MIP has been in a research phase the last few months, conducting interviews with over a dozen organizational leaders, staff and social service agencies and reading through many reports, to better understand the housing landscape in our region. We are developing an educational powerpoint about what exists, gaps and opportunities at different levels. 

In our next phase, MIP will begin to advocate and work with partners towards the goal of creating more affordable housing units and support services.


Clergy Convenings:

MIP is convening monthly clergy and organizational leader meetings from across the Monadnock region to build relationships, reflect on our various faith traditions’ call to social justice, and to start to act together. If your congregation or organization would like to join these meaningful conversations, please reach out to us. We’d love to have you!

Meet MIP's Community Organizer

We welcome our part-time community organizer, Angela Pape, (more)