Monadnock Interfaith Project – Letter to the Editor
Attack on Tree of Life Synagogue

The October 27 attack during services at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tree of Life synagogue deeply saddens and alarms us. As people of faith, we presume we are safe and secure during times set aside for devotion, reflection, and worship.

Churches, temples, and mosques, all sacred spaces, are places where our hearts connect with love and our minds seek renewal to help us face our daily challenges. Assembling to exercise our faith is a right woven into the foundation of our nation.

The chilling, horrific events of October 27 remind us that understanding, acceptance, and appreciation of difference is not to be taken for granted. Hate crimes such as this are attacks on us all, but let’s be clear, white supremacist movements in this country regularly direct malevolent ethnic violence, verbal and physical, at Jews and other minority groups.

Monadnock Interfaith Project represents people faith who celebrate the wonderful and varied ways of connecting with the divine. The grief we feel on this day motivates us to act.

We will not stay quiet in the face of hate speech. We will support efforts such as Keene NH Green Dot, working for a violence free Monadnock Region. We will call out verbal aggression when we experience it in our daily lives and will not tolerate the degradation of vulnerable groups by individuals, elected officials, or those in positions of influence.

We will sponsor events for people of faith, and the unaffiliated, seeking spiritual connection. We will promote all interfaith activity bringing people together for interfaith community, understanding, and social justice.

In faith, hope, and love.

Monadnock Interfaith Project Guiding Council
Tom Julius
Sarah Harpster
Pamela Parrish
James Duffy
Tom Bassarear
Len Fleischer
Charlie Gibson
Ahmed Kutty
Stan Long
Sandra Whippie