We welcome our part-time community organizer, Angela Pape, who has helped give MIP more energy and focus in fulfilling our mission.   Angela grew up in a working class family in southeastern New Hampshire. While growing up she saw huge disparities in public education and housing, and experienced generosity of community, which all motivated her to work for systemic change. 

Working for the past 17 years in faith based community organizing in various roles across 4 states, she is proud to have been part of many successful campaigns and transformative moments. Experiencing the power of people coming together, building relationships and collective power, and winning changes has been inspiring. She is a Christian and loves working with people from various faith traditions. Angela recently moved to Peterborough and is excited to be back in New Hampshire as a community organizer! She is a proud mother of 3 kids and is also a birth doula.

Angela recently recorded 2 podcasts with a local clergy sharing about the model of faith based community organizing. You can listen to part one and part two here.