Increase Affordable Housing 

The MIP Housing Team has led interviews with over a dozen organizational leaders, staff and social service agencies and reading through many reports, to better understand the housing landscape in our region. We are developing an educational powerpoint about what exists, gaps and opportunities at different levels. 

Based on this research, and our faith values, MIP has chosen to focus on creating more housing for people that earn under $18 an hour as a full time worker, which is about 50% of the Area Median Income. There is a huge shortage of homes affordable for this population. 

MIP’s campaign area will be advocating and working with partners for the creation of more units and support services for this population.

Clergy Convenings

MIP is convening monthly clergy and organizational leader meetings from across the Monadnock region to build relationships, reflect on our various faith traditions’ call to social justice, and to start to act together. If your congregation or organization would like to join these meaningful conversations, please reach out to us. We’d love to have you!

Divisive Language in NH Legislation

The NH legislature put forth a bill, HB544, which in practice would prevent important conversations and training on racism and sexism to occur in public schools and universities, state and local government, and businesses that contract with the state. While the bill was defeated, the language was added to the budget. MIP provided testimony at the budget hearing on May 4, 2021 and submitted a  Letter to the Editor expressing opposition from an interfaith perspective. 

100 Nights

 MIP was proud to partner with 100 Nights Shelter through participation in public meetings, to support the huge recent success of securing a new and larger location for the shelter. Additionally, MIP has led sessions of an educational PowerPoint with congregations and community organizations to help educate our broader public about homelessness.


MIP is supporting legalization of essential immigrant workers and their families in federal legislation. Through being part of the statewide Granite State Organizing Project, MIP leaders are participating in community organizing related to this. Immigrants have done so much for our country in the COVID pandemic, putting their lives on the line working in healthcare, in the food industry, and so many other essential services.


Public Restrooms in Keene, NH

In 2019 MIP held a Make a Difference Leadership Series for low-income individuals in conjunction with The Community Kitchen of Keene. The participants in that training identified public restroom access as an issue for residents and visitors to Keene. MIP’s advocacy in local media and with city officials resulted in the Keene City Council including plans for public restrooms in the city improvement plan.



Craig Dallas Rice’s song We All Gotta Go is his creative effort inspired by the Make a Difference workshops and subsequent MIP public toilet advocacy.

Craig Dallas Rice’s song We All Gotta Go is his creative effort inspired by the Make a Difference workshops and subsequent MIP public toilet advocacy.